- How it works is available to patients of any surgery listed on This service is available to all patients registered with any GP practice listed on the website. 

When you have selected a surgery/GP the pharmacies that service that surgery/GP will be shown.

When you use to order your medicines, you will choose one of these pharmacies to dispense your medicines, in this instance you will select Baggaley Chemist.

If your surgery is not listed on website then please telephone a member of staff at Baggaley Chemist for advice.

Placing an order
Please type your order exactly as it appears on your surgery repeat slip or we may not be able to process your request. 

Email reminder
Each time you order you will be given the option to receive an e-mail reminder, after an interval chosen by you, to place your next order

Your previous orders are recorded and stored on to make ordering easier next time. You can order your medicines wherever and whenever you wish as long as you have access to the internet.     



Delivery will send your order to your chosen pharmacy, Baggaley Chemist in Moseley.

Once approved, the pharmacy will then send your request to your surgery. The surgery will then approve and generate the prescription. Once your prescription is ready (please allow between 48 to 72 working hours) Baggaley Chemist will collect it for you from the surgery and dispense your medicines.

You will also be able to select on whether you wish to have your medication delivered free to your door or if you would prefer to collect your medication from Baggaley Chemist.

Registration is easy. Ordering your medicines is easy. We only ask that you allow three working days for your medication to be ready.

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