Stop Smoking Service

Stop smoking service

We all know the dangers of smoking. It increases the risk of lung cancer, emphysema and heart disease, and it can also lead to a whole host of other nasty conditions.

But despite the many health-related reasons to stop smoking, the habit is so addictive; it can sometimes feel like too big a challenge.

At Baggaley Chemist in Moseley we run FREE Stop Smoking Clinics which are geared to help you quit and succeed. 

Talk to a member of staff about joining our next Stop Smoking Clinic and you will receive;

  • A private consultation with a Pharmacist
  • A carbon monoxide test to assess your risk of heart attack or angina
  • Advice on how to manage cravings
  • Nicotine replacement such as patches, lozenges and gum
  • Agreed realistic targets, to help you quit
  • A course tailored to your specific requirements
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